Trifilon AB

Interested in market-tested biocomposites made with hemp fibers? Trifilon is a young company based in Nyköping, Sweden, which currently uses industrial hemp from organic farms in Northern Europe to produce high-quality composites. And our customers include makers of suitcases, cooler boxes, and smart-phone cases.

Our biocomposites are distinct for several reasons. Their mechanical qualities often make them a suitable replacement for mineral-filled or glass-fiber plastic composites. But manufacturers often see our hemp-fiber composites as a replacement for pure plastics because of their sustainability merits, which include lower weight and lower carbon-footprint.

Trifilon has developed an expertise working with the plant fibers. That means the end composites are more consistent, better performing, and lighter colored than other biocomposites on the market. We deliver granulates to our customer’s factory, which can be used immediately in their injection molding machines.

Our expertise also includes helping customers – both manufacturers and end-consumers – understand why biocomposites represent a concrete step forward for sustainability in consumer products. And we see our way of working with sustainability as vital to the growth of biocomposites in consumer products.

We commercially produce biocomposites with fiber-fill rates from 10 to 30 percent and with several different resins. Please come by our booth if you’d like to say hello or chat about plastics and sustainability.

Source: Trifilon

Source: Trifilon

Source: Trifilon

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