kunststoffland NRW

The association kunststoffland NRW was established in 2006 and organizes the entire plastics value chain in North Rhine-Westphalia. kunststoffland NRW was founded to create a network for all players along the total value creation chain. It has more than 120 members from industry and science including companies producing plastics, companies in the plastics machinery field and medium sized companies in plastics processing.

As an organizer and driver of the profile-defining cluster Kunststoff.NRW the association remains in close contact with the state. Common objectives are to strengthen the competitiveness by linking all operators, increased international cooperation and the further profiling of the (plastics) location NRW. Here, the excellent skills of those involved play a key role in the future fields of lightweight construction as well as resource and energy efficiency.

kunststoffland NRW e.V.
Grafenberger Allee 277-287
40237 Düsseldorf/Germany

Phone: +49 (0) 211 210 940-0

E-Mail: info@kunststoffland-nrw.de