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Stylish, strong, sustainable: AgriPlastBW is a composite with up to 75 % cellulose. Made from meadow grass, it contains no heavy metals, phtalates, or bisphenol A, and is 100 percent recyclable.

The „grass hanger“ by German manufacturer Cortec is probably the best-known AgriPlastBW product. It is used by world-leading sports brands and even featured in a German TV show for children. The production of the hanger begins with a meadow in the German Odenwald region. The grass is harvested, ensilaged, and washed with warm water until nothing but pure cellulose remains. The grass fiber is then compounded with recycled thermoplastics – an ideal material for injection moulding.

AgriPlastBW even meets the strict requirements of „toy standard“ EN 71-3 (heavy metals) and EN 71-9-11 (bisphenol A, phthalates, etc.). AgriPlastBW is produced in a biorefinery that is unique in the world. When the German Association of Engineers (VDI) created their new standard „Classification and quality criteria of biorefineries – VDI 6310“, the Biowert site was quoted as the only example. The factory is designed as a closed-loop system – aiming to produce no waste or waste water at all. So AgriPlastBW is not only a great material to work with. It is also a great story to tell.

Biowert Industrie GmbH
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