Bronze Sponsor: VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland LTD (FI)

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd is the leading contract  research organisation in the Nordic countries. VTT provides research and innovation services for domestic and international customers and partners.


Expertise from idea generation to market-ready applications

Are you looking for new business opportunities outside your own core competence? By complementing your own R&D expertise, VTT supports your concept, process and new product development with over 20 year experience in biocomposite research.


VTT's top offering to the biocomposite sector are:

  • Biopolymer and fibre foams
  • High-performance thermoplastic fibre composites
  • Modification of wood and agro based fibres (physical, chemical and enzymatic)
  • Development of renewable based biopolymers and additives
  • Development of biocomposites from side streams
  • Biomaterial process development


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If you are interested in collaboration please contact:

Kristian Mattila                   Lisa Wikström                                     

Key account manager        Biocomposites and processing team leader

tel. +358 40 53 41 331       tel. +358 40 86 14 421