Booth No. 13: WÖHLER Technische Bürsten GmbH (DE)

The Wöhler company name stands for over 80 years for inventiveness and quality in the fields of technical brushes and special (nonwoven) rolls.

We produce technical brushes and nonwoven rolls (FM®-Rolls) as part of the internationally orientated company group. Our products are manufactured to customer specific requirements in a great diversity of sizes, brush body and fill materials.

Our wealth of experience allows us to develop reliable solutions and optimally meet our customers´ requirements on an on-going basic. New areas of application are a challenge and never a problem.

We additionally offer a comprehensive range of wheel brushes, which have proved to be particularly successful in the processing of WPC surfaces.



Wheel brushes from Wöhler have been successfully used for decades in effectively lending extruded WPC surfaces a non-slip structure and real wood grain feel.
Our brushes are fully optimised to the required surface finish, such as:

- Smooth surfaces
- Grooved surfaces
- Discontinuous surfaces
- Embossed surfaces
- Crowned surfaces





Main advantages of our brushes:

  • Consistent and uniform processing results
  • Customised brushes for every possible application
  • Optimised service life guaranteed by the use of high grade fill materials




Technische Bürsten GmbH

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