Booth No. 8: i-Compology Corporation (JP)

Exhibition : Injection Moldable Advanced Wood Plastic Composite【WPC】
We introduce WPC materials which can easily be injection molded in a clean color without darkening by using general purpose injection molding machine and metal mold.
Now WPC materials have mainly used as extrusion molded products. Materials that can be injection molded in large quantities, in three-dimensional shape and in a beautiful color, have been a desired technology.  Injection molding is very difficult as ordinary WPC has large melt viscosity. If the resin temperature is raised to 200℃ or higher to lower the melt viscosity, the woody components will be pyrolyzed and burned or smelly, so that clean color products cannot be obtained.

Wood powder can be contained up to 51 wt%. As synthetic resin, PP, ABS, PE and others can be selected. Coloring, painting, adhesion can also be done.

Company name   i-Compology Corporation
location          1-1-2-206 Nishi-Ooi Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0015, Japan
TEL            +81-3-6410-7077
FAX            +81-3-6410-7078
Representative   Hitoshi MIYAKE
Establishment    April. 2016
Capital          9.5 million yen

About us
◆    "i-Compology" is a newly-coined word that abbreviates "Innovative Composite Technology".
In other words, “i- Compology Corporation” is trying to bring about innovation by a new approach in composite technology which the predecessor could not do until now.
◆    Polymer composite materials is “inspiration materials”【A-ha! Materials.
Composite materials have the possibility of happening that the addition 1+1 of the properties of each material becomes 3 or 4, or that I did not expect it.
Founders and their collaborators have worked in search of their possibilities.
◆    Our catch word is “We create A-ha! materials”.
We are aiming to produce functional polymer composite materials easily and energy-saving by a new and unique method.

Alliance with us
We are looking for an alliance with our advanced WPC technology. Would you contribute to the global environment with environmentally friendly technology with us?


i-Compology Corporation
location: 1-1-2-206 Nishi-Ooi Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0015, Japan
TEL.: +81-3-6410-7077
FAX: +81-3-6410-7078
Representative   Hitoshi MIYAKE

Email: [email protected]