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JRS balances nature and plastics and has been a fixture for fibrous materials in the plastics industry for decades.

Today, renewable natural-based materials have gained a hold in all areas of modern industry. Featuring extensive expertise and technological know-how in the use of plant fibre, Rettenmaier & Söhne sees its role as a mediator between the world of plastics and the wealth of ideas offered by nature – and that applies for all areas of the plastics industry.

Product overview

Innovative technology for wood extrusion: WPC applications are made economically using JRS fibre, compounds and pellets. Optimised and surface-modified ARBOCEL® and LIGNOCEL® wood fibres offer excellent process reliability in both direct extrusion and the compounding for PVC, PP and PE plastics as well as bioplastics.

Cost-effective solutions from a single source: Customer-specific extrusion pellets, individually blended with polymers and wood fibres, are the economical base material for your end products. Process development, optimised logistics and extrusion services characterise the successful collaboration between JRS and customers, for a distinct market edge.

Interesting potential offered by wood injection moulding: New ideas and products characterise this young market. The wood-like touch and environment-conscious marketing outweigh the technical features. LIGNOCEL® compound, with a wood composition of 65 – 70%, offers a solid basis for the winning of new markets.

We make the “W” in WPC and much more

Ideally balanced fibre and plastics: JRS fibre products offer a broad spectrum of function and uses. Properly applied and balanced with efficiency and sustained economy. That makes our “quiet stars” from nature’s building box so successful. Use this enormous potential for your products and processing. “Green ideas” applied practically and environment-friendly.

JRS – the research and development partner: JRS’ research and practical know-how are in demand throughout the world. JRS maintains three R&D facilities in Europe, the USA and Asia, building a bridge between many years of experience in the area of fibre application and innovative product development or efficiency-building optimisation of applications. Always near to the actual practice and in close contact with the customer. Use this as a basis for new inspiration and to your technical advantage. In theory and practice!



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